Form Plywood

Form Plywood

Wood Panels Form Plywood

F17 Formply is cost effective, high quality fixed formwork product. With a resin impregnated paper overlay and it is ideal for reusable concrete formwork. It is manufactured under strict structural requirements of AS/NZS 2269.

The hard surface is durable and able to withstand the harshness of construction and weather conditions.

The life of the Formply depends of care and maintenance at the site. Re-used depends almost entirely on site factors, and cannot therefore be predicted accurately.


Benefits of using Formply

  • Can be reused as long as proper care and maintenance is provided
  • Lighter in weight then hardwood alternatives
  • Provides builders and formworkers with an ideal surface for pouring concrete with a Class 2 concrete finish on the first pour


Form Plywood Specifications

F11122400 x 1200
F1417, 252400 x 1200

Desk made from Form Plywood
Desk made from Form Plywood

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