About Us

Furniture Grade Plywood

We are an Australian company which supplies premium speciality decorative Plywood’s for the Australian market.  We buy our products directly from Australian and overseas manufacturers, and supply to a vast range of customers throughout Australia.

We are a well established company which has more than 35 years of experience in the plywood industry, allowing us to source any special requirements which you may need.

Our extensive product range of premium-grade plywood’s are Birch plywood, Coloured Film-face Birch plywood, Hoop Pine plywood, Imported BS1088 Marine plywood, Bending Ply, Timber Veneer panels, and various other plywood’s.

If you want a product and we don’t have it, we can source it through our global network of suppliers.


Our Commitment to the Environment And Legality

We are fully committed to the sustainable management and use of the world’s forest resources for this and future generations.

We therefore source our wood products only from suppliers who are able to provide proof of third party verified legal sources and FSC® and PEFC™ certified forests.

Our Purchasing Policy

WoodPanels International Pty Ltd’s due diligence procedure for ensuring that its wood purchasing activities meet the requirements of the Australia’s illegal logging prohibition act, 2012.

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